Save Our Earth Foundation (SOEF) is a Non Profit Voluntary Organization working in Rajasthan, India and based in Tonk region. SOEF is working for educational, social and health reform of society in different parts of India. SOEF is founded by a team of social change makers in the leadership of Deep Ram Mahawar with the aims to make social reform in concerned sector. Its main aim is to bring social development specially focusing on rural welfare, environment conservation, education as well as health reform. SOEF is formed and working since its inception for the upliftment and development of downtrodden community and the vulnerable class of the society. The Organization has been implementing various ventures and programs for the welfare and development of the most neglected group of society. The Organization has been implementing multi sectoral educational issues for last one and half decades which are gaining a sound momentum in the society. 
SOEF is mainly working in the rural areas of Rajasthan and other states of India. The SOEF team is working on various projects for social reforms like, strengthening education in human values (Peace Education), Empowerment of girls and Woman, health awareness Program and Tree Plantation (Green Earth). Along with social development issues the organisation has its main aim to work for needy children who are not capable to get education. The NGO SOEF has been organising various activities in education and health programs such as health awareness campaigns, annual gatherings on social awareness, Blood Donation camps, public meetings in Orphanage Home, People Awareness regarding Communicable Diseases and health and Save Girl Child Program.



Save Earth Environment 

Save Our Earth Foundation NGO is dedicated for save our earth in different ways and empower underprivileged and needy people of society. Save Our Earth through environment protection, save the natural resources, protect the Rainforest to nurture plants and animals. Environment conservation including natural components such as water, air, soil, plants and animals ad make them be pollution free is the main focus issue.

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Profile, Vision & Mission

Foundation is registered NGO. It is formed to save our earth in different ways and empower women, youth, children, farmers, poverty reduction. Target segment are farmers, artisans, women, girls, children, youth. We want to make them capable and train to support them. Health, environment conservation, educational development of women, old aged persons, children, agriculture, animal welfare and social development are our target objectives

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Education and employment generation for youth are the main program of Foundation. Under skill development centers we will open schools for needy people and girls who have completed schooling and need jobs. To get jobs and reach up to the available employment opportunities and create new entrepreneurship and job opportunities for them. Basic Literacy and information technology is part of our education program.

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Women Develpment

Foundation has been working on socio-economic development, welfare and empowerment of women programs in various sectors. We have been providing marketing options the products including bags, cushion cover, table runners, pouches, quilt, rachis, handmade stationery etc. prepared by women for their livelihood improvement. To educate them, avail employment opportunities and live with self-esteem is necessary.

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