Dairy Development Project

Dairy enterprise is considered a ‘treasure’ of the Indian economy, particularly for rural systems. It provides nutrition, organic manure, supplementary employment, cash income and a ‘cushion’ for ‘drought proofing’. The sector involves resource-poor farmers, for whom animal ownership ensures critical livelihood, sustainable farming and economic stability. Dairying in recent decades has been considered a vital component in diversification of Indian agriculture, where crop farming is beset with stagnating growth and low absorption of unskilled agricultural laborers.

The rapidly increasing demand for dairy products in urban areas has given rise to haphazard growth of production centers in urban areas that are essentially detached from their supporting land base and often generate a large amount of waste that contaminates the soil and ground water. Thus, the increase in demand for dairy products can put increasing requirement on dairy productions. So Foundation concentrates on the issues and challenges faced by rural dairy of its working area.

As we know very well dairy farming is an extremely important economic activity. But the dairy value chain is infested with petty middlemen in the absence of many organized players to procure the surplus milk and farmers are exploited at every stage. Income from dairy farming is extremely important to sustain the family as landholding in the area is small and income from agriculture is not enough to feed the family.

Save Our Earth Foundation,NGO will support the farmers in by providing training on modern dairy farming practices, and getting the best genetics to improve their animal breed and guide them about balanced nutrition. We have planned to focus on improve the breed in the proposed area and the activities carried out to achieve the project objectives include artificial insemination, treatment, feed and fodder services, and supply of feed additive and supplements.

Foundation encourages th Dairy production program to generate the income for the farmers and people of the rural working areas. Additional income generation and capacity building of women through dairy production program with the combined efforts of SOEF the dairy production has raised.

Foundation has guided to established one dairy and procurement of goats and buffaloes for production of milk and continuous efforts of organization have been able to involve several families in dairy production. Our team works upon periodic collection of local issues and presentation of these issues to local administration to help people. People have gained maximum benefit of the Government driven programs with our assistance.

Foundation has also organized livelihood awareness camps focusing on Dairy production and establishing dairies in working area. The dairy milk production is increased for the families who have implemented the improved process. We were also successful in attaching household to Saras Dairy.

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