Every citizen of India and the other countries deserves to be education. Child, men, women and even old people can take education anytime they want. Education is among one of those essential amenities require to survive in this world. Without education life is not seem to be content. An educated person can support his family better than an illiterate person who earn through small earning options. Since its inception SOEF is striving to give education to each and every person in the rural areas. SOEF has vision to give education to everyone in the deprived areas so that they can have a positive attitude, vision and strength to get a better work opportunity.

Through education people can get the knowledge about different culture and tradition of various parts of the world. SOEF organizes various educational programs and seminars to aware the people about the importance of education in their life. SOEF believes that only an educated person can lead the world towards success. Through the guidance and efforts of the SOEF marginal people are also very anxious to get education. SOEF is working to involve the youth in the various activities that provide growth to the deprived sections. SOEF focuses to educate the children in their field of interest so that they can perform well and become superior. People of the underprivileged areas are acquiring knowledge on social life, social harmony, democratic values, diversity, secularism, tolerance and creativity.
SOEF is working to give good quality education to the underprivileged inhabitants by opening schools and other educational institutions for them. SOEF is an aspiring NGO that aims to give result oriented education to the people that help them to bring out their talent and have the overall knowledge about the society, nation and world. The main aim to give education to the needy people is to teach moral and social values, increase their oral and verbal communication skills and to make them self dependent.

SOEF guide the illiterate people to educate their children so that they can support their family to extend the livelihood. SOEF provide teaching facilities to the children through the educated and talented personal so that they can learn the things efficiently. SOEF strives in the formation of support groups that ensure the safe education to the marginal and deprived children. SOEF act as catalyst between parent community and schools to improve the quality of education. SOEF organized special programs for the development of the children. Also arrange sports activities for them, essays and debate competitions, dance and music competitions, quiz and also facilitate them by arranging libraries for them. In this way since its inceptions SOEF is continuously working to give better education to the deprived people to reveal their capabilities.



Girls’ Education is one of the major issues of concern for the development of our country. Girls’ in the rural areas don’t get the opportunities, amenities and benefit as that of urban areas. Foundation is focusing to give education to each and every adolescent girl of the underprivileged societies aims at making literate in a sustainable way the adolescent girls who will soon be married and forever lose the chance of becoming literate. Girls’ education has a huge impact in the social and economical development of the society.

Foundation promotes various seminars on girls’ education, safe environment, social and economic participation, leadership and self defense. Foundation works upon motivating villagers to educate girl child, creating an environment in which more and more children are inspired to go to school and hence an increase of about eighty percent in number of students enrolled in school is seen. With the help of rural development committee, our team has identified the weaker students to provide them with extra facilities.

Our focus is to create awareness among the people about education, moreover educating girl child. We have been working upon the reasons as to why the villagers are quite hutchie in sending their children to school and the problems why they are not able to send their children to school.

SOEF NGO has planned to provide literacy, numeracy, reading, and expressive skills along with vocational, health, environment and awareness training to girls.
We will locally recruit women with a minimum of Grade 10 education as teachers. Training and support are provided to these teachers for the duration including induction training, teaching methods, evaluating students, etc. Teachers will recruit to use creative teaching methods that make learning fun and be linked to local cultural conditions.

We are also providing financial support to needy households. We are supporting the people in getting child registered so that they have their identity which is beneficial to them in lot of areas. The aim of our NGO is to make each girl confident, have enhanced self-esteem be able to express herself by having the ability to read and write.

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