Employment for Youth

Generally people living in the rural areas are unfortunate and face paucity. They don’t have better work options so they earn by doing very stumpy work to make their living and support their family. Save Our Earth Foundation is dedicated to provide better and safer employment options to improve the livelihood of deprived inhabitants. SOEF is striving to eliminate penury in the rural areas by empowering rural households. SOEF is working on bottom up approach, inspiring, facilitating, individual and collective actions to reduce the paucity through Gram Panchayat. Foundation is supporting to needy and marginal people by providing them funds through the Gran Sabha. Our NGO works to ensure employment to the needy people through various Government schemes like MNREGA and also provides the opportunities for employment in various Self Help Groups, micro and mini Industries and in blocks.

Employment Information Campaigns

We are organising various employment information campaigns in village panchayats, the basic aim of the organization is to provide employment, promote their income generation capacity, to make them aware of their capabilities and how well they can utilize their capabilities. Save Our Earth Foundation has trained youth and has supported to provided employment to skilled labors in several units.

Save Our Earth Foundation plays a pivotal role by acting as a bridge between villagers and Government agencies and programs. NREGA provides employment for those who are willing to work. We are focusing to help one third of the job seeker employees are women. Save Our Earth Foundation disseminates information regarding schemes and benefits to the public and assists them in assessing the schemes and using them for their self-benefit. Our organization interacts with panchayats, banks and other bodies on their behalf. 

Our team helps issuing their applications for job cards, maintain muster rolls, facilitate social audit and take the responsibility for payment of wages and also take care that grievance should not develop. We work for awareness and social mobilization via door to door campaign, personal contact program and village convention.

Due to activities of Save Our Earth Foundation it is resulted into an increase in employment request numbers and people have started coming on their own. SOEF is taking an initiative of capacity building of people by educating them and providing training so that they access their entitlements and asserts their rights under NREGA.

Save Our Earth Foundation facilitates social audits of Government processes, activities, programs, schemes etc., and helps improve public service delivery and the efficacy and accountability of public officials, we used to collect and verify records, documents and samples of particular work undertook by the Government.

Skill Development Centers.

Save Our Earth Foundation NGO is following to open schools in different part of Rajasthan primarily for girls who have passed class 10 and are in need of jobs. To accomplish the project objectives, organization wants to open schools in different part of state will tie-up with the different institutes to train the students in a structured syllabus and have accredited certification. After completing their course successfully and will help them placement with a good salary package.

SOEF is working to improve the employability of youth through vocational education and training activities. SOEF has introduced competency-based training events to establish learning accreditation system with better career guidance services.

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