Literacy Certificate Program

The socio-economic status of India can be improved by improving its literacy rates and literacy skills of the people of 15-35 age group. India’s National Literacy Mission Authority defines ‘functional literacy’ as acquiring competency in the ‘three Rs’ – Reading, wRriting and aRithmetic – with the capability to implement them to one’s day-to-day life (UNESCO). So Save Our Earth Foundation has decided to undertalke the Literacy Certificate Program as its one of the main focussed objectives to improve the socio-economic status of our society by making the people more capable in the present time.

In order to address the low literacy rate, SOEF has undertaken a self managed and volunteering based project to augment the Government of India’s efforts to improve adult literacy. This Literacy Certificate Program is using a combination of methods to teach non-literate persons and semi-literate persons to read in a short amount of time and makes use of commonly used words. Presently this volunteering based project is running in Tonk district of Rajasthan.

SOEF aims to help learners reach functional literacy in 50 to 55 hours. To implement the program, SOEF implemented it with help of loacl social activists and young educated volunters who wish to change the society. The volunteers are contributing their time and executing this project. The courses of certain time duration in different villages of Tonk district is provided free of charge to the needy willfull learners.

The Adult Literacy Certificate Program of SOEF is intended to promote and strengthen adult education, particularly that of women, and to extend educational options to those adults who have lost the opportunity to access formal education and are above school age and are adult. The program is focussing on non-literate adults of the 15-35 age group of men and women. The aim of teaching learners to read and write commonly used words.

SOEF aims to achieve the objectives through the Adult Literacy Certificate Project:  

  • To promote and strengthen adult education, particularly of women and farmers.
  • To encourage adult learners to assist in in the daily life activities where literary and language skills are necessary.
  • To support to the aims of the Government schemes to increase the rate of adult literacy ratio.
  • To improvre the socio-economic status by improving the skills of adult learners.

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