Natural Resource Management

Improving Farming for Farmers

The one of the main focus of Save Our Earth Foundation NGO is on the Natural Resources Management (Agriculture and Farming) program. Foundation is supporting farmers in farm productivity enhancement through scientific farming, farmers training, agriculture value chain development and other issues.

Foundation is helping farmers to make soil health cards, and are to be trained in soil health management, use of right seeds, pest management, risk mitigation, storage of produce, and organic farming and horticulture farming etc.

Plant a Tree for Save Our Earth and save our lives

Save Our Earth Foundation is promoting horticulture farming under the brand name “Plant a Tree and plant for save our earth and our lives” to improve the income of small farmers in a sustainable manner. India as horticulture farming is the best solution towards sustainable farming as it consumes less water, gives more returns, needs less labour, improve the local environment and family nutrition. To promote sustainability and reduce water consumption in farming,Save Our Earth Foundation is helping farmers to diversify from field crops to horticulture crops.

Foundation has planned to distribut income generation plants and fruit saplings like Guava, Lemon, Sweet lime, Kinoo, Pomegranate, Black Berry, Papaya, Jack Fruit, Ziziphus (Ber) and other tree plants. Foundation have to provide proper market for their fruits and vegetables to enhance farm productivity, efficient value chain development and eliminating the petty traders who often exploit the farmers.

Farmers’ Technology Testing Group

Save Our Earth Foundation is working with farmers’ group in 5 villages, in which 70 farmers are involved. Following inferences were drawn from discussions with the beneficiaries of five different villages:


  • Out of the total farmers, 30 farmers were illiterate; others had education below 10th standard. 
  • The primary source of income is Agriculture; as 100% of the sample population is engaged in agriculture. 
  • Labour work including NREGA is the secondary source of income; as 97% of the sample population is engaged in it. 
  • Average household size is 6 members out of which male and female constitute 52% and 48% respectively.  
  • Average children/ household are 4. 
  • The average total income of a household p.a. is Rs. 19947 out of which the contribution from agriculture is Rs. 6638, from labor (inc. NREGS) is Rs. 11309 while from other sources is below Rs. 2000.

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