Rural Development Program

Save Our Earth Foundation NGO is focussing on Rural Development Program and planned to make “Whole Village Development Groups”. These act as a catalyst and facilitator in supporting rural development, accessing Government schemes, making relevant applications based on the needs of their village and following through the different levels of Government departments till the request is fulfilled. Foundation participates in their meetings, provides hand holding to the groups and supports in preparation and processing of documents, decisions, and actions. Foundation team helps in preparing minutes of the meetings and resolutions for onward submission to the concerned departments.

Save Our Earth Foundation has planned to support and guide villagers in rural working areas in various ways, such as providing solar lights to the families, Ujwala Gas Connections to women, toilets construction, Aadhaar Cards, Bhamashah Card made, Bank Account opened for beneficiaries, to get hand pumps and roads at required rural places.

Save Our Earth Foundation is organizing various social welfare programs to improve the living status of the rural masses specifically the poor and downtrodden. Foundation has undertake various issues that are part of Rural development process in the villages of working area. As a result of basic survey we have noticed that drinking and irrigation water issue is one of the main issue relate to development of the rural economy of our working area. Due to deficiency of water resources which result the development status of the rural areas. To strengthen and enhance the rural development status and impact upon the rural poor farmers it is necessary to take care on the water issue.

Water – the main Issue to improve Rural Development

Under Rural Development Program Save Our Earth Foundation (SOEF) is focusing on Water issue. Water is considered as the one of the major problem faced by the people in the rural areas. Foundation is working enthusiastically in Tonk, Rajasthan and the surrounding areas to overcome the water related issues like pure water supply, sanitation, and maintenance of natural water resources. Marginal people of the rural areas don’t have sanitary facilities and basic water supply facilities to do their daily activities. They don’t have the facility of safe water to drink that cause diseases, illness, infections and death. It is the dream of SOEF to give safe water to drink and adequate water supply in taps through tube wells or surface sources to each and every house in the underprivileged areas so that they can live a healthy life without any difficulty. If the people are healthy only then they are able to work, get education, and become active and responsible. SOEF has taken the responsibility to aware the people through various programs on safe water drinking also execute possible remedial measures to supply water through various water projects. 

Water for Irrigation

In most of the rural areas people don’t have much employment opportunities, almost 75-80% of people there are farmers and agriculture is the only source of income for them. SOEF is operational in these areas to give adequate water supply through tube wells and other water sources to the farmers for irrigation as it is their main source of income. Rainfall plays a significant role in suitability, productivity and adaptability of crops.

There are few resources for irrigation in the rural areas of Tonk, Rajasthan that is why irrigation depends on rainfall. Due to lack of rainfall irrigation is affecting a lot. SOEF has taken the initiative to improve the irrigation by extending irrigation coverage through a major, medium, minor irrigation schemes and ground water schemes and making existing irrigation network more effective and efficient. SOEF is working continuously to surmount these problems by providing new source of water supply for irrigation with the help of Government agencies and departments to enhance the agriculture production and increase the rural economy.

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