Save Our Earth Foundation

Save Our Earth Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered on 6 July 2020 with a purpose to contribute towards for save our earth in different ways and empower underprivileged women, youth, children, farmers etc. and poverty reduction in India with a mandate to work across the country.

Save Our Earth Foundation (SOEF) is aspiring to bring an affirmative change by increasing the potential of the deprived masses in the society. Foundation is a Volunteer Organization works to encourage and strengthen the needy citizens by organizing awareness programs, giving them employment opportunities and education. Since the origin of SOEF number of programs and seminars are organizing time to time on environment, health, education, cleanliness, family planning, equality, social welfare, economical development, women and child development, natural resource management and mass awareness.

SOEF’s main target segment are poor landless agricultural farmers, small and marginal farmers, traditional artisans, poor and needy women, uneducated girl child, unemployed youth etc. Capacity building and training are the most important elements among others to support the diverse groups striving for change and a better life. SOEF is also aspiring for women empowerment, their education and rights in the society that make them equivalent to others in the immature areas of Delhi, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Many leaders and volunteers of SOEF from the local areas enumerate the importance of girl education and role of an educated girl in the upliftment of the society and nation and try to reveal the hidden talent in the deprived areas to the nation.

SOEF enumerate the illiterate masses the importance of a girl and emphases on the eradication of female foeticide. SOEF also organize family planning programs for the ignorant people. SOEF aware the marginal people about a range of employment opportunities in small and medium scale enterprises, small business, self help groups, construction projects and farming etc. SOEF also guide the people to open their own small business as an entrepreneur that help them to support their family and nearby people and societies who don’t have any close by option to fulfill their requirement.

SOEF focus to aware the infirm and backward inhabitants about various jobs opening according to their expertise and consequently contribute to increase the social and economical potential of the people. The main aim of SOEF to inform job opportunities to the deprived people is to make them self dependent. Educational and motivational programs are organizing every month by SOEF volunteers to boost up the confidence and potential of the deprived people. SOEF works for the welfare of the people that drastically change their life, vision, enhance livelihood and compassion. Besides the government, the deprived people also get the financial support from other financial policies and rich people associated with SOEF and they contribute to give food, health treatments, shelter, employment and education to the underprivileged people of Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan. SOEF works to increase the dignity and confidence of the people by providing them education, employment and growth that ensure them to be financially strong and economically stabilize. We will undertake development programs with the help and kind support of its donors and partners.


Save Our Earth Foundation

Save Our Earth Foundation NGO’s vision, If only every one in every home would decide to do their part and help to keep our air clean, our water unpolluted and our wild life safe. The Earth is our home and we need to protect it. The basic principal of Save Our Earth Foundation NGO is “One Thing Great Campaign” because anyone change the world by one thing. One thing can be following, pen, pencil, bag, shoes, tree etc. You can change world if you want and the economic development of poor and needy people in its operational area through education, training and capacity building.


To develop the capacity and skills of the members of socially and economically disadvantaged people in India in such a way that they are better able to identify and help meet their needs and to participate more fully in society.

Goals of SOEF NGO is working in different sectors: 
  • Environment Conservation, Protection and Development.
  • Educational Facilities, Infrastructures and programs.
  • Health Facilities, Infrastructures and programs.
  • Welfare and Empowerment of Women.
  • Welfare and Empowerment of Old Aged Persons.
  • Child Rights, Child Welfare and Child Development.
  • Welfare and Empowerment of Persons with Disability (Divyang Jan).
  • Vocational Education, Training and Skill Development for Employment Generation.
  • Natural Resource Management, Agriculture and farming system.
  • Animal Welfare and Protection Programs.
  • General Social Welfare and Social Development.
  • Girls Education, Rural Development, Civil Society Development, Farmers etc.
  • Plants and trees are necessary for our life: We are planting plants and trees for a long time.
  • We are educating poor children and helping them in different ways.
  • We are helping needy people in different ways.


Save Our Earth Foundation NGO strongly believes in building strong relationship and partnership. So we collaborate with donor, CSR, State and Central Government institutions and individuals.

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