Health Program

Save Our Earth Foundation strives for health improvement in the deprived areas. People in the underprivileged areas are not aware of healthy life and this is the main reason of their ailing health. The main aim of SOEF to extend health education is to make people healthy and active because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and if the mind is not healthy then it is not possible for a human being to give his contribution for the family and the nation. Health and sanitisation for the deprived section of the society is another major issue to be addressed. Save Our Earth Foundation organises awareness programs to train and guide about various health problems, their symptoms and remedies. We awared local masses about diseases, how it is caused, and what precautions to be taken etc. There are many misconceptions regarding many diseases in illiterate society. They have to be rectified so that they can lead a better and healthy life style. SOEF organised various health programs to spread health awareness among the ignorant people. Various programs on healthy life are enumerated by the SOEF leaders and supporters regarding no addiction, sanitation, child nourishment, child birth, women education and family planning to the marginalized population. It is imperative for a human being to be conscious about healthy life. Duri ng the health check up camps, apart from usual assessment of patients, we also distributed free medicines. We focused on child vaccination too, and organised a polio campaign where polio drops were given to the children. Our team of people individually visited household for the same purpose. Our team surveyed the areas of Tonk district to identify children suffering from malnutrition. Several children in this area  identified who were suffering from diseases such as Marasmus and Kwashiorkor.The rural peole are unaware about it due to lack of knowledge. Our team briefed mothers and told them about remedies to combat diseases. SOEF is also working on capacity building programs to make villagers capable to meet emergency situations. For this purpose we have been organising training camps where professionals train people as to how to take care of certain deseases and they have to consult in near by Hospitals for certain diseases etc. Foundation had created committees of men and women who, with the help of these committees information regarding diseases are shared with the villagers. One health awareness group is formed with the help of the organisation and with local volunteers to meet emergency situation, vaccination, polio, solutions to critial problems.

Reproductive Health

SOEF also focus on the reproductive health of the deprived people. Reproductive health is related to various matters related to reproductive system that include all physical and psychological growth. It has been considered that the reproductive health of the inhabitant is the essential component for their development and growth. It is very requisite for the people to be conscious about their reproductive health especially for women. Women need to focus more on their reproductive health. The health of a new born baby largely depends on the health of mother. So SOEF seeks to improve the reproductive health of women by educating them on nutritious diet, healthy food, and safe water drinking. SOEF has opened various health care centers to help the marginal people in the rural areas and assist them in pregnancy, maternal nutrition, child birth, new born health, breastfeeding, AIDS/ HIV/ STI, fertility, adolescent reproductive health and family planning. SOEF try to improve the reproductive health and living standard of the infirm people by arranging safe motherhood programs on postpartum, antenatal and obstetric. Through the intervention of our NGO, women are now being awared about the reprodutive health services. Interventions is a strong focus on promoting reprodutive health serfices in rural communities of working area of our NGO. Awareness and information are provided about improved practices or utilisation, particularly concerning sanitary napkin pads use.

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