Women Development

Women play a vital role in the development of the country. We have number of women all over the globe who gave their major contribution in the development and growth of the world. Women development includes the development of their skills, knowledge, potential and ability. SOEF focuses on the physical and mental development of women. Most of the women in the urban areas are educated. But it is not feasible for the women reside in the rural area due to some reasons. Women development is directly related to economic development. Only the educated and versatile women are proficient to contribute in business strategy and growth. If the women are educated they are capable to represent in society at better level.

SOEF assists that Women education is very imperative. If the women in the family are educated and employed it lead to an additional income and support in the family. An educated woman can give good ethics, knowledge and upbringing to her children to make them versatile. A working woman cannot only support her family but also give her contribution in the development of the organization and the economy. Nowadays Government gives equal work opportunities to both men and women. But the women live in the rural and deprived areas works only in cultivation, construction and as a servant. To raise their work standard Government gives them employment opportunities. SOEF is also working to provide work opportunity to the marginal women ensures them to be economically, socially and politically strong.

SOEF organizes various programs to make the women educated, self-employed, prudent, practical, supportive, and prompt. Because without the contribution and development of women, world is not able to be socially, politically, and economically strong. SOEF arrange diverse training and education programs for the development of the deprived women in various villages of Tonk districts in Rajasthan.


Save our Earth Foundation aspires to give child rights to each and every child in the deprived sections as mentioned in the constitution. SOEF focus to give proper education to all the marginal children in the society. This would results in their physical and mental growth to participate in all activities in the school and universities and reveal their hidden talent. SOEF also takes care of the health of the children so that they become active and multi-talented, as we know a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Various awareness programs are organized by SOEF every month on health and education for the upliftment of the marginal people. Only a healthy child can contribute in the development of the nation.

SOEF wants each and every child of the underprivileged society to be educated, hence support the children by giving them free education in school that comprise of stationary, food and dresses. In the deprived sections of Rajasthan SOEF conducts various programs in schools on science and technology, education through computers, organize easy and debate competitions, provide them erudite faculty, conduct seminars on social and economical condition of our country and games competition etc. Hence SOEF focuses on overall development of children to increase their potential and to make them brilliant with an innovative mind and try to give them safe and secure future and eradicate child labor.

Eradicate Child Labor

Child labor is deemed as one of the major embargo in the development of the child. People living in the rural areas are illiterate and poor and they don’t know the importance of an educated child. People in the deprived areas want to engage their children in small living options.

SOEF is working in Tonk, Rajasthan and the surrounding areas with the aim to educate the children and eradicate child labor from the society. For this SOEF is organizing awareness programs for the underprivileged people to educate their children by sending them to school so that they can learn new things, improve their skills, bring out their talent and become versatile. Because if the children are send to school they can earn more with better earning options and support their family.

The Government is constantly aspiring to eradicate child labor by enacting child labor laws in India including the 1986 Child Labor Act. Besides Government SOEF is also striving to find out the regions where child labor is still prevalent and try to eradicate it.

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